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All of our online courses and study material may be viewed 100% online without downloading anything! Everything is completely Mobile Friendly, including tests. All courses have an optional PDF File! Save Your Test and Come back later! Take 12 Massage CEU hours Online in Florida with CE MASSAGE®, Then use CE Massage® Live Search for the remaining 12 Hours in Local “Hands on” Classes; Find Live Class Providers that teach Live Contact Hours (actual hours in class).

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Appointment Scheduling Software

Easily manage your schedule on the go and schedule appointments in person, by phone or however you would like. Included with our appointment software is your own microsite where you can have your customers schedule appointments on their own. 

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Some of the amazing features

Email Reminders

You can enable for your customers or staff to receive immediate confirmation emails after scheduling, as well as 24 hour advance reminders.

Add Categories

You can add and change the category of services. For example: If you are a Spa, you could create a Massage category and a Nail category to separate your services.


Allow your customers to schedule appointments on their own. People can schedule while you are sleeping! Grow your business to new heights.

Add Services

Easily add your services, the amount of time, price and description, as well as how much time is needed in-between customers. 

Work Force Scheduling

Manage more than just yourself! If you have staff or secretaries you can manage other staff members' schedules. The possibilities are endless!

Your Customers

View, Search and Edit customers that have signed up for an appointment, or add them yourself. Add Notes and see previous appointments.

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Nothing to download

Nothing to download! We host it, we upgrade it! All you have to do is use it on any device, anywhere, anytime!

Manage all of your settings and business logic. If you have staff such as Independent Contractors, who has a different schedule than your yours, that is no problem! Say your business hours are 10am-6pm, but Susie is only on shift from 2-6pm. This is no problem with our software!

Easy 'Getting Started' guide that allows you to set up your online appointment book to get you started ASAP. 

Who Can Use Our Software




and Wellness Centers


and clinics



and Doctors

Personal Trainers

Hair Stylists

and Salons

Makeup Artists

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